22. October 2019

Trust Board

Both Mary Ward and Teresa Ball responded to the needs of their time by establishing schools and using the work of education to spread the message of the Gospel.  These schools flourished and by the middle of the 20th Century, there were almost thirty schools in Ireland which drew their defining ethos from the Spirit of the Loreto Congregation.


Over time lay colleagues shared in the delivery of education, the leadership and management of the schools.  The final link in that chain was sharing the Trusteeship of our schools.  In 2003 the Congregational Leader and her council established the Loreto Education Trust with responsibility for this Trusteeship.


Both Sisters and lay people are appointed as Directors of the Trust.  This body will ensure that the Loreto ethos is both safeguarded and developed in our schools into the future.


Members of the Company 

Ita Moynihan IBVM                                       Carmel Swords IBVM                                   Mary Jo Corcoran IBVM

Brigid Tunney IBVM                                      Brede Quirke IBVM                                       Elaine Troy IBVM

Helen O’Riordan IBVM


Directors of the Company

Dermot McCarthy – Chairperson

Martin Boyd                                                     Sheila McManamly                                         Eileen Salmon

Bernadette Ryan                                             Maria Hyland IBVM                                         Brian Lenehan

Bernadette Weir                                              Gerardine Mullen IBVM                                   Jennifer Edwards

Phil Murphy IBVM                                           Conor Bowman                                                  


Company Secretary – Ann O’Donoghue IBVM


Loreto Education Trust is the body responsible for the Loreto schools and it serves the schools through the Loreto Education Centre.


Mission Statement of the Trust:

Holding in trust the gift of Mary Ward’s distinctive vision, we undertake trusteeship of the Loreto enterprise of education now and into the future.

Working out of IBVM (Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary) core values and facilitating their contemporary expression within Loreto Schools, we exercise the function of trusteeship through:
•on-going dialogue with the wider Loreto Community
•two-way communication with the schools
•support of the Loreto Network of Schools
•leadership development


Trust Accounts for year ending August 2013 – Loreto Education Trust Accounts 2013

Trust Accounts for year ending August 2014 – Loreto Education Trust Accounts 2014

Trust Accounts for year ending August 2015 – Loreto Education Trust Accounts  2015

Trust Accounts for year ending August 2016 – Loreto Education Trust Accounts 2016

Trust Accounts for year ending August 2017 – Loreto Education Trust Accounts 2017

Trust Accounts for year ending August 2018 – Loreto Education Trust Accounts 2018