25. May 2019

Strule Shared Education Campus, Omagh

  Strule Shared Education Campus, Omagh


A Celebration through music – the opening of Arvalee the first of six schools to be completed at the Strule Shared Education Campus, Omagh.

Shared education at Strule, a pioneering approach to deliver education in the region, is scheduled to be fully operational by September 2020 bringing together pupils from local schools of both traditions with representation from the controlled, maintained and voluntary school sectors.

The six schools involved are Arvalee School & Resource Centre, Christian Brothers Grammar School, Loreto Grammar School, Omagh Academy Grammar School, Omagh High School and Sacred Heart College.

Each school will retain their individuality and ethos whilst maximising the opportunities provided through collaboration and sharing. The means the widest range of subjects will be available to the students on campus. Schools will be able to deliver a 21st century curriculum in progressive, modern and flexible facilities, aspects of which will be enhanced significantly through sharing resources. The campus approach will also facilitate better connectivity between mainstream and special needs schools.