24. May 2019

Sports and other Activities in Loreto Schools


Sports and other Activities in Loreto Schools

SportsThe annual hockey and basketball leagues are well under way with the usual excitement in the participating schools as they compete for the magnificent trophies which are greatly valued and admired.

Our schools around the country participate in a huge number of leagues and sports outside the traditional Loreto events.

This year, there is a new effort to get more schools and pupils involved in Loreto sporting events. A wide range of activities has been organised, with the emphasis on fun, participation and meeting pupils from other Loreto schools.Grange Rd

Before Christmas, Foxrock hosted a ‘hockey blitz’ for 1st Years. 110 girls in 11 teams took part and the day was a great success. The girls enjoyed playing on teams with girls from other Loreto schools whom they met that day for the first time.

In January, Bray hosted a Badminton tournament and Foxrock held a Gaelic football event. February sees Beaufort hosting a Dodgeball tournament for non-competitive participants.

In March, Letterkenny will organise a Contemporary Dance Day, Balbriggan (with Leinster Orienteering) will host an orienteering event open to all our schools and Wexford will host a Golf tournament, again open to all Loreto schools.

Other events are planned for the 3rd term, involving Kilkenny, Bray, the Green, Foxrock, Dalkey, Fermoy, Omagh, Crumlin and Coleraine as host schools. The annual Loreto Sports Day and the inter-schools Tennis tournament are among the events which will take place.