25. May 2019

Loreto Voices

 The Newsletter for Loreto Student Councils

Loreto Voices 2011 – 2012

A Note from the Education Desk

One of the most enjoyable aspects of work as an Education Development Officer is to visit schools and particularly to have the opportunity to talk to students. It has been my great pleasure to have met with student representative groups of all kinds in every Loreto school in Ireland, in this my first year in office. In all cases I met with either whole Student Councils or their representatives and in some cases with other student groups in the school at the same time or separately.

The reports included in this publication are interesting and enjoyable to read because they reflect the pure enthusiasm and optimism of young people. However, the articles themselves could not reflect in full the excellent initiatives and projects which are ongoing in all the schools all of the time. They give but a flavour of the energy, patience and drive needed to bring initiatives to completion and bright ideas to light. To read more click here

Loreto Voices 2010 – 2011

A Note from the Education Desk


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Welcome to the fifth edition of Loreto Voices, the newsletter dedicated to reporting on the activities of Loreto Student Councils around the country. The academic year 2010/2011 will be remembered for many years as the year of the snow. It is interesting to note the number of initiatives that Student Councils had to postpone or amend due to the wintry conditions.


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