25. May 2019

Loreto Sports Newsletters 2014




Loreto Sports Newsletter

Education Officer’s Welcome              

In the collective history and memory of Loreto schools in Ireland, sports have a prominent place. Black and white photographs of teams and games and even cine footage of sports days can be found in school archives all over the country. They and their modern more colourful and instantly available equivalents attest to the range and popularity of Loreto Sports. Much has changed over the years and for all the reasons with which we are familiar. Over the past few years the pressure on financial and personnel resources has made it difficult for Loreto schools to engage in sports and games on a natiSports 2onal level. Nonetheless, the range of sports and sporting activities across the schools is incredible. Schools compete and win at the highest levels, regionally and nationally. The challenge is to ensure that Loreto Sports would continue to be part of the Loreto tradition.

In 2013 the Loreto Education Trust Board made the decision to appoint a Loreto Network Sports Development Co-ordinator. Elaine Dillon must be complimented on an extremely successful first year in the role. The sports calendar for the year speaks for itself.

Blathnaidh Colhoun

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