16. September 2019

Rumbek, South Sudan


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Official Opening Loreto Rumbek Primary School 15 April 2016. Rumbek 2

Click here RUMBEK PRIMARY SCHOOL to view photographs recording the events of the day.



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Rumbek Radio Documentary – Saturday 12th March 2016






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Loreto Rumbek 10 Years: 2006 – 2016

This year Loreto Rumbek celebrates its 10th Birthday.

Who would have imagined that so much would have happened there in such a short time? The dream of providing Secondary Education for girls was a daunting task.

Our intrepid pioneers were constantly inspired by the vision of our founder Mary Ward, whose motto is that ‘Women in time will do much’.

A mere two years after arrival in Rumbek the new Loreto school welcomed its first students. Since then the school has gone from strength to strength with some graduates going on to train to be the future teachers. A thriving Primary School followed and its home has now moved from being under the trees to lovely new classrooms. Children are being fed as well as being taught. Parents and small children are being assisted and so the Mission develops.   Congratulations to you all.


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Development of Loreto Rumbek 2006 – 2015
Power Point Presentation  – Loreto Rumbek











Some photographs from Loreto Rumbek, South Sudan 2014 – 2015      Click here

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Graduation Photographs – November 2013 – Click here

 Latest News from Rumbek – April 2013  Click here

Sr Noelle’s visit to Rumbek earlier this month – November 2012.

Sr Noelle visited Rumbek earlier this month – November 2012. Click here to view an account of her visit to both the Primary and Post Primary School



Photos from Loreto Primary School, Rumbek (20 April, 2012) – click here 

Some Student Stories from Loreto Secondary School, Rumbek, South Sudan.

Introduction by Louise O’Sullivan,  following her recent visit there.  Click here to read the students’ stories.

The following Presentation (click here to download) was given at a meeting (21 Feb. 2012) for Catechists and R.E. Co-ordinators in Loreto Post-Primary & Grammar Schools.  This presentation contains up to date information, facts and figures about South Sudan and Loreto’s involvement in education and life in Rumbek.



Thank you…
           To all of you for your interest and support, and for your financial commitment to this work.  Without you, none of this could happen

Please continue to support us with your prayers, advocacy for education of the girl-child and promotion of women’s rights, awareness, and by telling the story of Loreto in Rumbek.



Newsletter from Loreto Rumbek, South Sudan. Click here


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Graduation of First Students

Congratulations to the first group of students to graduate from Loreto Rumbek.  Graduation will take place on 27 November, 2011.

The students sit the Government exams on the 2 December and end on the 19 December. They are also pioneers, the first students who arrived in 2008.